Charla y Conversatorio: «Challenges in turning Carbon Dioxide into a Valuable Resource»

Prof. Emérito Krishnaswamy Rajagopal, Ph.D

Emeritus Professor Krishnaswamy Rajagopal
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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Fecha:junio 28

Hora: 10:30 am – 11:30 am


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Abstract: With increasing concern over global warming, it has become imperative to capture carbon and utilize it by converting it into useful products and or store it for future use. (CCUS) Human activities produce enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and emit it into the atmosphere. Thus, any and every method of CCUS is welcome. The CCUS requires a considerable amount of energy input. For example, in thermal power stations, approximately 20 to 30 % of the energy produced is required to capture 90% of carbon emitted as carbon dioxide. We will talk mainly about the recent advances in electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide into hydrogen and natural gas. Inherent limitations of process scaling and speed of implementation will be discussed. There are possibilities of integrating with biomethane production in Brazil to utilize interstate infrastructure of pipelines. The opportunities for process innovation and start up companies are high in this area.