Maestría en Tecnología de la Información y Comunicación


This graduate program is aimed at college majors on informatics, systems engineering, computer science, and other fields related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The professional master’s degree program offers training in three specific areas: Software Engineering, Computer Networks, and Information Security.

The duration of the program is 24 months, where two semesters are for specialized courses and two semesters for thesis work.


There is a high demand for qualified professionals in ICT in the current job market, and hence, professional graduate programs in universities become relevant in order to satisfy this need.

A graduate program must prepare students to respond to emergent technologies due to scientific advances and to perform at the peak of their abilities in their careers.

Considering this context, our professional graduate program aims to produce skilled professionals with the capability to generate highly technical products with solutions to local and international markets.

Student’s Profile

The graduates of this program will be capable of:

  • Apply knowledge of current technology to identify and solve problems in ICT.
  • Manage multidisciplinary groups.
  • Permanently stay up to date with current technology.
  • Apply his knowledge to any organization and society in order to add aggregated value to any business.

Study Program

Core Subjects (T)

T1.  Advanced Algorithms  (30hs)
T2. Project Management (40hs)
T3. ICT Government (20hs)

Subjects on Auditing and Security of Information  (S)

S1. Computer Networks (40hs)
S2. Cryptography (20hs)
S3. Security Protocols in Networks, IPS/IDS and Firewalls (40hs)
S4. Security Architecture (40hs)
S5. Legal aspects of information security (20hs)
S6. Information Forensics and Digital Evidence (20hs)
S7. Security in Applications and Data Bases (40hs)
S8. Information Systems Auditing (40hs)
S9. Risk Management in ICT and Contingency in Projects (30hs)
S10. Implementation and Management of Systems for Bussiness Continuity (30hs)

Subjects on Software Engineering (I)

I1. Model-driven Software Engineering (30hs)
I2. Ingeniería de Requisitos (20hs)
I3. Advanced Software Architecture (30hs)
I4. Business Processes Modeling (40hs)
I5. Automated Knowledge Extraction (40hs)
I6. Software Quality and Metrics (40hs)
I7. Advanced Design of Software Testing (30hs)
I8. Advanced Data Bases (30hs)
I9. Cloud Computing and Advanced Web Technologies (30hs)
I10. Risk Management in ICT and Contingency in Projects (30hs)

Subject on Computer Networks (R)

R1. Computer Networks (40hs)
R2. Telecommunications (30hs)
R3. Sensor Networks and RFID (20hs)
R4. Advanced Routing and IPv6 (20hs)
R5. Optical Networks (30hs)
R6. Network Security and Data Communication Systems (40hs)
R7. Mobile Services and Next Generation Networks (40hs)
R8. Traffic Engineering (30hs)
R9. Datacenter Design and Physical Security (30hs)
R10. Systems Information Auditing (40hs)


The awarded degree will depend on the specific area:

Professional Master’s Degree in ICT on

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Auditing and Information Security

After completing 360 hours of courses and 100 hours of seminars, the student can choose to opt for a graduate diploma on ICT specialized in:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Auditing and Information Security

(*) The graduate diploma cannot be granted at the same time as the master’s degree.


Bachelor’s degree or any other degree awarded from an undergraduate program with at least 2700 hours and 4 years of duration majoring in technological areas like informatics, electronics, electricity, etc.


All professors are specialists in each area, with national and international appreciation.

Besides professionals from Paraguay, our staff includes specialists from Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and other countries.

Tuition Fee

1st Year
Gs. 10.000.000 (or 10 installments of Gs. 1.100.000)

2nd Year
Gs. 5.000.000 (or 6 installments of Gs. 875.000 or 8 initial laments of Gs. 687.500)

Time Schedule

All courses given by national professionals will be Thursdays and Fridays from 18:00 to 22:00.

Courses given by international professionals will be from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 22:00.

Contact Information

Dr. Enrique Dávalos <>

Spanish information: | Poster – Llamado 2020